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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cubs season in review

It has been two weeks since the Cubs' season came to an abrupt ending. Yes the Cubs weren't suppose to be in the playoffs, not even the NLCS, but the sudden ending shocked many people, myself included. After giving myself time to collect my thoughts and feelings, here is my season in review. 

April-June: There were many debuts, most notably Kris Bryant and Addison Russell.  The Cubs had ups and downs, they swept the Mets in a 4 game series in May, and got swept in late June by the Cardinals. They were a .500 team, with tons of potential. They are in the mix for a wild card spot.
July: There were some highlight moments, and lowlight games. Kyle Schwarber broke out in Cincinnati with a homerun to tie a game in the 9th, and a homerun to win it in extra innings. The lowlight of the season came when the Cubs got no-hit and swept by the worst team in baseball, the Phillies. After that series, the Cubs were trailing the Rockies after the Cubs blew a three run lead in the 9th. Had the Cubs lost that game, it would be their 5th straight loss, and they would fall the 4 game out of the playoffs. However, Kris Bryant had the moment that changed the season, when he hit a walk off home run. That win was the catalyst to Cubs' successful season, and it set up a memorable August.     

August-end of the season: The Cubs played like they were the best team in baseball. In a four game series vs the Giants, who had a half game lead in the second wild card spot, the Cubs had a unforgettable sweep. The Cubs walk out of Wrigley with a 3.5 game cushion, and they never looked back. Rizzo made great catch on the tarp. Miggy and Bryant had walk off home runs, and the Cubs won 9 straight games. The Cubs swept the Brewers, and the Braves. Oh, how could I forget Arrieta's no-hitter? In the finally of a tough west coast trip, Arrieta pitch the game of his life, at the time. By the end of the month, the Cubs extended a 3.5 game lead to a 6.5 game lead. It was more of the same in September. The Cubs dominated the Diamondbacks and Cardinals. Jake Arrieta's  historic second half put him in Cy young contention. The young bats were as hot as Arrieta's arm. On September the 25th, the Cubs clinched a playoff spot after a late night Giants loss. 

Playoffs: On October 7th, Jake Arrieta silenced the PNC crowd in the wild card game. Schwarber and Fowler both hit homeruns, and the Cubs had a date with the Cardinals. After a tough game 1 loss, the Cubs were able to take a draw in St. Louis thanks to their small ball and long ball. In game 3, the Cubs hit six home runs, and it set up a clinching possiblity the next day. In game 4, a game I was at, Baez sparked the crowd, and the Cubs never looked back. Schwarber hit one on the scoreboard, and Rondon closed the door. There was something special about the first series clinch at Wrigley. Nobody wanted to leave, myself included. This was a rare event, and I wanted to soak it in for as long as possible. 

Recap: In the beginning, the Cubs weren't expected to be in the playoffs. However, the Cubs young core passed expectations, and the Cubs had a season to remember. Even though it ended the way it did,  and they didn't reach the top, I call it a successful season. In the offseason, the Cubs need a top of the rotation arm to solidify the Cubs as a World Series contender.        

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The take out slide

As Cubs fans like myself were rejoicing last night after a huge win, Mets fans were yelling at their TV. This was because of a controversial take out slide in the 7th inning. If you haven't seen it, or just want to watch it again, click here.  The result of the play caused a momentum change in the game, and maybe even in the series.
Here is what I think of the play. I have two problems with the play. The slide was clearly late. He slid past the base and he made contact with Tejada before he hit the ground.  There is no way anybody could make the argument he was going for the base. Even Utley admitted after the game he wasn't going for the base.  Therefore, I think it was a dirty play because he went for the player, not the base. The second problem I have with the play was the review. Although Tejada never touch second base, Utley never touch second base either. Utley even jogged off the field after the play because he knew he never touched the base. I think it is common sense that Utley shouldn't be rewarded with second base. Baseball writed for CBS Jon Heyman had a well-worded take on this, "Whatever the rules are, something's not right when a player is rewarded with the bag when he wasn't even trying for the bag".
All in all, Utley clearly wasn't trying to injury anyone. He was just trying to break up the double play, but he did it in a dirty way.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The 2nd amendment

The shootings keep on happening.  Americans constantly praying for the victims and their families. Congress wants to do something, but they look defeated. Is there a way to stop all theses shootings? People have suggested stingier background checks and limiting the power of these weapons on the street will prevent these crimes. While doing one or both would be great, I don't think this would be enough to prevent these horrific shootings. I think goverment must abolish the 2nd amendment, and here is why.

The second amendment was added to the constitution out of fear of the British attacking Americans. Now that threat is long gone, the amendment isn't serving its purpose. My opponents would say although the British aren't of concern, terrorism is still a threat, and we should still have guns to protect us from it. However, after the Oregon Community College shootings this week, President Obama challenged the media to compare the number of American deaths from terrorism to the number of deaths due to homicide in the US since 2001. The numbers were staggering. The number of deaths due to terrorism ranged from 2,689 (2001) to 9 (2009).  Meanwhile, the number of homicide deaths has ranged from 12,791 (2006) to 11,078 (2010). Clearly, there are way more preventable deaths than unpreventable deaths. Terrorism isn't the issue, homicides are. By taking away guns, the number of preventable deaths will go down, and more life will be saved. Terrorism will always exist, but homicide numbers this high are unacceptable. My opponents will say that eliminate guns wouldn't help, because guns don't kill people, people kill people.  My response to that is do toasters not toast toast, but toast toasts toast.
I highly doubt the second amendment will be abolished, but that doesn't mean government isn't capable of acting on these shootings. Is tougher background checks too much to ask for in this day and age?