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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Black Friday shouldn't be on Thursday

We are all familiar with Black Friday. It now goes hand and hand with Thanksgiving itself. However, Black Friday is becoming more ridiculous. It is now stretching to Thanksgiving in most instances, and in extreme cases, it covers many days after Friday. I am fine with having Black Fridays sales on and after Friday, but having them on Thanksgiving is simply unconstitutional. Ok, I am exaggerating a lot, but let me explain.
Having Black Friday on Thanksgiving is a violation of our 8th amendment right, which protects us from cruel and unusual punishment. Have a sale on Thursday takes employees away from their family's Thanksgiving meal and forces them to work minimum wage while getting trampled from all the shoppers who are rushing to get what they"need". These employees are being punish in an cruel and rather unusual way because they are forced to work in harsh conditions against their will while earning not nearly enough to make up for all the work they have to do, not to mention they are missing a major America holiday. CEOs of major department stories must realize how inhumane it is to extend Black Friday to Thanksgiving. If not, then they must be impeached from their positions. Ok, that doesn't make any sense, but my point is Black Thursday doesn't make any sense.

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