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Monday, December 14, 2015

The only thing to fear is fear itself

What I am about to write is very controversial. You may disagree with most of what I say, or maybe just some of it.

     Due to the recent events in the world (such as what happened in Paris and San Bernardino), the fear of Muslims has never been so high in America. Although very few Muslims are terrorist and thus are no good, very bad, people, most Muslims are no different than me and you. Yet, Americans are conforming to believing the stereotype that all Muslims are extremist. This leads to fear and hate crimes. Advocacy groups believe these hate crimes are fueled by not only mass shootings, but, "The inflammatory rhetoric of Donald Trump and other Republican presidential Candidates." Because Americans are listening these ignorant Presidential Candidates such as Jeb Bush, who said only Christians should be let in, and Donald Trump, who called for a ban not allowing Muslims to be allowed in to this country, people are conforming to these un-American beliefs. Persecuting against a certain religion goes against the principals on which the country was founded on, one of which was, "all men are created equal". Yet, Presidential candidate Rick Santorum question if the US constitution protected Islam. If American citizens believe this rubbish and conform to believing the stereotype that all Muslims want to do harm to America, then our society will become un-American. Innocent Muslims, who could be a great service to this country, will be left out this country and have to deal with the emigration factors that made them want to leave.
     The rhetoric of various Presidential candidates has already started to work. A spokesman for the American-Islamic council commented, "I have never seen such a fear and apprehension in the Muslim community, even after 9/11." This is bad, because if Americans fear innocent Muslims, and commit hate crimes such as vandalizing, threatening, and even leaving a severed pig outside of Islamic houses of worships, then we are conforming to the values of the KKK. The fear and the KKK like atmosphere that has been created could led Americans to committing even worse actions. These actions could be worse than America's worst mistake, which was creating Japanese interment camps during WWII. Even though FDR made this atrocious mistake, he also said "The only thing to fear is fear itself." So either way, we are going follow FDR's footsteps. We are either going to make the same mistake FDR made, or we are going to follow his advice and start fearing fear, not Muslims.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Bowl Games

On the first day of winter break, every football fan at New Trier will have their eyes glued to the tv to watch the thrilling Air Forces Reserve Celebration Bowl at 11am.  WHAT??? YOU AREN'T GOING TO WATCH IT? Ok, nobody is going to watch it because it is going to feature two teams  that nobody has heard of. Most bowl games now are either a matchup of two teams that have or are close to a .500 record or are between teams you have never heard of. You would think that nobody will tune into ESPN to watch these meaningless games, but that isn't the case. In fact, the number of bowl games are increasing. There are currently 41 games. I don't know why people tune into lesser known bowl games like the NOVA Home Loans Arizona Bowl and the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. But when ESPN gets good ratings, then advertisers flock to ESPN and the NCAA to have their own bowl game. This becomes a problem. There are so many observe bowl games that there aren't enough teams bowl eligible to play in. To be bowl eligible means that you have 6 wins and thus 6 losses. I personally believe that .500 teams shouldn't be playing postseason football, but am irate when the quantity of bowl games and the lack of bowl eligible teams means that teams with more losses than wins will be in some bowl games. My dad tells me of the times when there were less than a dozen of bowl games, and to be in one would mean everything to the school and their fans. Now, being in the Quick Lane Bowl means nothing to a school and their fans. ESPN has taken the excitement of every bowl game and they have saturated the bowl game thrill with boring, poor quality games. Thanks ESPN, but I am not interested in the San Diego Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, thanks for trying.
ps. this is from 2012. Imagine 7 more logos in this picture.